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The home elevator is designed to resolve upward-mobility issues in public and private buildings.

It offers the ideal solution for the elderly and for people with physical disabilities, allowing them to get around on their own and overcome the mobility problems posed by staircases.

The home elevator adds value wherever it is installed. The Light-Touch by Giugiaro and the Classic are both models that lend a stylish and exclusive touch to your interiors.

We offer a total of 36 home elevator models, for interiors and exteriors.

Thanks to our wide range of accessories and finishes, with the S-Small (designed for small areas) and XL (designed for large cabins) models, the home elevator can fulfil every requirement.

ascenseur-domestique-interieur-structure ascenseur-domestique-interieur-maçonnerie

It blends in seamlessly in all environments, both new and old.

Style is a given, thanks to the anodised aluminium structure and the standard panoramic glass door, which offers optimum light and visibility.

The home elevator is a modern product, designed and manufactured to meet the requirements and needs of our customers and capable of travelling five floors, from garages to attic rooms and back again, over and over and over.


Installed with a minimum of fuss and building work, external home elevators offer easy access to the highest floors of buildings, while respecting the existing architectural environment.

Formed entirely by varnishable aluminium, the structure is weather resistant and designed to withstand the vagaries of time.

ascenseur-domestique-exterieur ascenseur-domestique-exterieur

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